Sunday, March 15, 2009

Keeping to True Center

Trusting in my true Source or the Universe, I know that I am complete and on the right path always. When things do not turn out as I planned, I don't get deterred or lose my motivation. I turn inward to my higher self and come back to true center in the core of who I am. I reframe my thoughts so that I see things in a positive light and relax into the good that is always there for me. The more I trust in this, the wiser I become. My positive expectations help steer me through the detours of life and onto new roads of discovery. As I continue along on my journey, I rely on the guidance of Spirit to steady my steps. With each decision, I come to several doors. I close my eyes put my hand over my heart, and take a deep breath and consult my wise inner knowing. Whichever door I open will lead to a path that can only bless me. Turning around to face my greatness, I realize that what might have dissuaded me will prove to be the beginning of a joyful, more fulfilling experience. Does this resonate with you? If not, how do you keep centered? Here's a guided meditation from Dean Ornish's site to bring you back to center.


Cijan said...

Wow. What an amazing blog.

JudeEastman~LifeCoach said...

Thank you Cijan. I'd be honored if anyone who enjoys the blog, would follow me. Peace & Light - Jude

Anonymous said...

Hi there Jude guess who this is lol

Melissa Ellen said...

Hi Jude, you seemed like a fellow I thought I might "follow" along you path to share the view - which is very nice by the way.

Rain Fordyce said...

Yes! Yes! I love this... allowing guidance of spirit...

Thank you Jude for this beautiful blog post and the work you do!

Michael - Love to Spare said...

Hi Jude!

This is beautiful! I love the idea of coming back to your center.

I think you are very wise for recognizing your blessings (whether things go your way or not); and for trusting the guidance from within.

Thank you for sharing this!

JudeEastman~LifeCoach said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments and for the follows!
Peace & Light~ Jude

Anonymous said...

Jude this blog brings to mind one of my poems so I am sure you won't mind me sharing it with you.


Am I a whisper in the breeze
or am I a nest up in the trees
Am I a bird without it's wings
or am I a Nightingale when she sings
Am I the moon without the beam
or am I just a silent scream
Am I the storm without the rain
or am I the bed where I have lain
Am I the night without the fear
or am I the things that I hold dear
Am I the rainbow with all it's colours
or am I a cross for all the others
I wish that they would let me be
as I will never let them see
That I am just the sands of time
Running out in every line