Sunday, March 20, 2011

"There is more to life than increasing its speed."

 The title ~  "There is more to life than increasing its speed." is a quote by Mahatma Gandhi.  I wonder what he would think about the frenetic multi-tasking pace of today's world?  What does it bring up for you? 

Are you tired of trying to accomplish more in the same 24 hours that you've always been allotted?  Tired of being "on call" 24/7 due to cell phones, text messaging, and social media?  Do it yesterday, fax it now, make every conversation about how you can promote a new business deal?

Today is Sunday, March 20, the first day of spring.  Have you noticed the blooming trees and daffodils?  REALLY noticed?  Today, I hope you took some time out for yourself to recharge and renew.  Notice the little things, spread the light by paying someone a compliment, and give yourself permission to unplug for a while.  Last night we had the wonder of the big beautiful moon.  If you missed it, quick go look now. Just standing in your own back yard under the moon-shine connecting with all of life can be quite an enjoyable experience if you allow it.

What do I mean "if you allow it"?  Surrender all thoughts about what you could, should, or feel you need to be doing right now.  In the words of Ram Dass, "Be here Now".  Spend some time in meditation, reconnect to your inner self, and spread that connection to the Universe.   Giving yourself more time is precisely that~giving your "self" more time (Eckhart Tolle). Get to know yourself again (or maybe for the first time?) by reconnecting with the beauty and wonder of the world.  Embrace your inner creativity without any particular goal in mind.  Eek!  Does that feel scary? 

Get some watercolors and paint like you did as a child.  Remember dipping your brush in a cup of water then rolling the brush in a dry color until it looked just the right vibrancy? Swirling your brush over the clean white surface of paper?  How proud you were to show your masterpiece to your mom, dad, or siblings? 

Did you write stories or poetry? How would it feel to try that now?  If it seems difficult, write from your 15 year old heart, then progress slowly to the present.  You don't have to show it to anyone unless you want to.  Do it for the joy of it.  No judgement. Just the desire to connect with your heart.  The Spirit Within.

Do this regularly.  It may be just sitting and communing with nature or taking pictures.  Don't make it a struggle-just allow yourself some time and space to be or engage in a creative outlet. Your family and friends will begin notice a difference and I think that you will to.

"There is more to life than increasing its speed."  What could that look like for you? 

In connection, peace and joy ~ Inner Peace Warrior for the Soul ~ Jude