Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Create Your Own Winter Reality

Are you tired of feeling STUCK because of the snow?

Had enough forced inactivity due to cold weather?

Feeling like Mother Nature got her signals mixed up or is conspiring against you?

Change those thoughts from tired, stuck, or cold to:
Thank You God (Spirit, Source, Universe) for this opportunity to think differently!  

  • I give thanks for the ability to think warm thoughts about my friends, co-workers or family.  Thank you for the opportunity to do something to WARM the hearts of others.

  • I enjoy limitless freedom and energy to think the thoughts to create my own reality and manifest my dreams.  Each activity I do feeds my soul and encourages me to move forward toward more.

  • My mind moves into higher realms and holds the high watch against the propaganda of the human world that tries to weigh me down.  I find ways to be active whether mentally, physically, or spiritually.
In other words, instead of stop and smell the roses, get up and plant some! 

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Photo Above - Creative Commons License