Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Opportunity

While at a friend's home this weekend, I met her sister. She and her husband had just lost a son 3 months ago to a car accident. We spoke about honoring your grief and my experience with it. I visited her business, a skin care shop, and she spoke to me of wanting to create a holistic tone there with all kinds of services to care for yourself. Then she asked me if I'd come and do a life coaching presentation for her staff! Wow! I was flattered, excited, and quiet honestly a little nervous. I have been dreaming of doing a presentation like this for over a year.

Now to do my homework. I need to speak with her some more about what her vision is for this and how she wants her staff to benefit. I then need to design a fun half-day program geared towards that and possible a series of workshops to follow it!!

Whoo Hoo!
Your greatest gifts lie just beyond the doorways of fear.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've made a commitment to coach 100 people in the next two years to increase my experience as a professional coach by joining the Experienced Coach Program. This means I need to coach one new person every week for a minimum of thirty minutes.

Would you be willing to let me give you 30 minutes of free coaching?

My one request is that I will need you to fill out an easy 5-minute feedback form to prove I coached you.

After you receive your free 30 minute session and I get your feedback form, you may be interested in additional coaching. If so, I currently hold evening phone sessions by appointment. (Long distance charges may apply depending on your phone package.)

How it works: After we schedule a day and time for coaching, I'll send you my phone number, you call me, I ask what you'd like to be coached on: changes you want to make, your purpose in life, moving forward through a life transition..., we get curious about this, and co-create a plan of action and accountability, you fill out the feedback form.

How easy is that? Interested?

Let's stir the spirit within--all the wisdom, power, and grace are within you to change your life. (c) Jude Eastman 2008

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Elitism in coaching

Which coaching school did you graduate from? Are you certified? By whom? Man there's a lot of judging going on! I subscribe to a coaching network sponsored by one coaching school. Even though the network is open to everyone, I often see in a post "well they not a XXX graduate. Sometimes I wish this forum was only for those of us who attended XXX coaching school."

Quite frankly, I enjoy reading posts from members who have varied backgrounds/credentials and the like. As a relatively new coach, I love seeing different approaches--sure the lingo may be a bit different here and there, but it's not hard to figure out we're all in the business being curious, to help the client move forward in their lives, and get paid in the process (that's a whole new post).

So business coaching, life purpose coaching, tarot cards, and intuition--Does it matter? Only if you are not being true to your own style. The client will either keep working with you or not.

Training--How much experience--letters behind your name or not--Again, let the client ask those questions, be informed and make a decision. Yes, I'd like to think that being "trained" and "certified" adds a layer of professionalism and credibility to you, but in the long run, clients want what works for them.

Do coaches want to be seen as credible? Most do. But whose governing body should be in charge?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

One way to train

Are you interested in becoming a masterful coach? Check out

Become a certified life coach through the School of Coaching Mastery and the IAC (International Association of Coaches). One of many choices.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Who am I & How did I get here?

How did I come to life coaching?

2005 was the year that both of my parents passed on and my husband and I separated. The following summer I attended a weekend retreat entitled "Moving Onward and Forward with Your Life". One of the afternoon sessions evolved around: What are your core values? What are your deepest fears and limiting beliefs? If nothing stood in your way what would you like to do in life? At the end of the afternoon, our presenter stated that she was a life coach and was offering a ten minute sample session to anyone who was interested. I signed up and--click--the light bulb went off! It was then and there that I knew what my passion and vision for the future was. I'd always enjoyed discussing problems and brainstorming solutions with my friends, family, and co-workers. This seemed like a perfect fit.

When I got home, I researched coaching & immediately signed up for a complimentary session. Our connection was spooky. We had many of the same beliefs about being whole and capable right now. We had similar spiritual connections that made this seem more than a coincidence. I signed up to work with this coach and knew this is what I wanted to do too.

I grew up in Florida and got my B.A. in education from the University of South Florida. While married, I lived in the Washington, D.C. area, Northern California, and Virginia. I'm a life coach and a teacher. I am currently working on a masters in reading from the University of Virginia and life coach certification through the School of Coaching Mastery.

I was married for thirty-one years and have three grown children. In my life's journey so far, l've learned much about relationships, grief, spiritual wholeness, Attention Deficit Disorder, depression, & learning disabilities.

A few of my pleasures in life are going to the beach or being out in nature, cooking a wide variety of ethnic or vegetarian foods, and reading. I like animals of all kinds and currently have a two year old dog.

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." (Lao Tzu) This quote started me on my way of discovering my core values: honesty, spirituality, connectedness, integrity, communication, collaboration, joy, peace, service, & growth...and of letting go what no longer served me.

Is something telling you to "do" or "be" more? Need help redefining the YOU, who used to be very clear on who you were and what you wanted out of life? Feeling lost in your own chatter? Let's discover what your core values are!

Let's stir the spirit within--all the wisdom, power and grace are within you now to make changes and discoveries in your life.