Sunday, December 28, 2008

The power of having a dream and a vision


One person working toward a dream is worth 99 people just working.

- Lani Kraus, writer

We've all worked with people who just show up to fill space. Uninspired and stuck going through the motions, they pick up a paycheck on Monday and wait for Friday. Some are just killing time until retirement. Maybe you even find yourself in this mindset. Not a very satisfying way to spend your days is it? Sounds like an easy life--except that in life, retirement can be permanent and unexpected. In your life, are you actively heading straight for your goals, or are you puttering around vaguely? Nothing is wrong with hard work; determination and elbow grease are what make the best dreams possible. But it's interesting that most work makes us look downward, while dreams lift our eyes to the sky. While you're keeping that nose to the grindstone, make sure you keep your head up to see where you're going.

The end/beginning of the year is one of many times to reflect on your vision and dreams. Do you see your dreams as just that - Not real or illusive and unattainable? You can have what you want, but do you want it enough to work hard for it? It may not be as hard as you imagine. Think of one way to bring more of what you dream for your life in to it - Right Now. Start making those vacation plans you've always hoped for, and be very specific about what you want and how to achieve it.

Close your eyes now--take a deep breath--play a movie of what it will be like--be very sensory specific: the sights, sounds, smells, and tactile sensations. Write it all down. Can you have some of that in your present situation? Buy some clothes that you will wear on this vacation. Cut pictures out that represent it and make your vision board. Look it it regularly and be there in the moment.

Are you living a life in alignment with your values? What is your vision for the next 3--6 months? How about 5-20 years? I've spent much of my life just living in reaction to whatever happened, but not choosing what I wanted and going for it. Be a Chooser, not a victim. (This thought taken from a current book I'm reading called Conscious Dating by David Steel.) If you haven't pinpointed your values--now is the perfect time to do it. Then make conscious choices to create a vision for your life, short term and long, and start living it. If it seems overwhelming, take baby steps--Start moving forward instead of meandering around in a lateral maze.

Do you feel something's holding you back from past issues? If so, get the appropriate help with this. If you are ready to go forward, but not quite sure how, hire a life coach. After a session or two, you may feel ready to fly on your own or take it to the next level.

Take your dream, create a vision, and map out how to get there. Baby steps are fine or a great big ole jump if you feel urge. See you in my dreams!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seeing the wonder in the smallest details

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.
- Albert Einstein, physicist

What do you appreciate and what do you ignore? Is a sunrise any less special because its image wouldn't make it on a magazine cover? Is any day less precious because, in your mind, "nothing special" happened? For some reason, it's hard to be impressed with anything these days. Driving a car is a source of strain instead of wonder. The internet is already old news. Quick--when was the last time you paid attention to a space shuttle flight? Remember when that was all people could talk about? Once you take something for granted, you also take the life out of it. When nothing is "special," boredom and gloom aren't far behind. Look around where you're sitting right now, and try to see it for the first time, like a child would. Think about the human potential that created the stuff in the room. Think about the miracles of nature right outside your window. Think about how amazing it is that you're even here to see it.

Even the Grinchi-est of us can stop, smell the spiced cider, the fresh evergreen, (OK-so you don't have a real tree--go outside!), the recent huge full rising moon. For me the little things in life make it all worthwhile. The kiss of my dog when I get home, the sparkle of the lights during this season. Appreciate, really appreciate what you have now. If you don't have the money to buy expensive gifts, give the gift of love. Write letters to those in your life that are there for you. Tell them how much you appreciate all that they do. Even those people who irritate you. Surely there's something about them you can appreciate. It will come back to you ten fold. Be the candle in the mirror--Be the change you wish to see.~Here's my wish for you~Let your heart glow with the light that is of you!

This is the season of light, a time when hearts are aglow. I picture the image of a light that holds my attention. It may be a streetlight with sparkling snow flurries whirling past it. Perhaps I see sunlight creating prisms on a snow's glittering surface or moonlight moving shadows across a meadow dusted in white. My image may be of a single candle lit in the window with an intention of holiness. In this stillness, I reflect upon the light. I breathe and relax. All is tranquil, prayerful.

This is a time of insight, radiance, and joy. I give thanks in advance for love, sharing, and guidance. I realize I can let my own inner light shine out more brightly. With wisdom and kindness, I make a difference in the lives of many.

If you're not feeling amazed and amazing--the light and the love--what changes do you want to make in your life?

Contact me--Let's stir your spirit within.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The destructive power of worry

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.

- Corrie Ten Boom, author and human rights activist

Legend has it that 90% of what we worry about never comes to pass. Whether that is statistically precise or not, there's probably some truth to it in your life. How much of our lives do we miss because we're agonizing over what might happen down the road? How often do we fail to act--even if it's the right thing to do--because we fear any number of possible consequences? Fretting over the future doesn't solve any impending problems. It only paralyzes your actions of the present. It stresses you out, makes you mentally and physically tired, and saps all the fun out of what could have been another great day. Next time you start to worry about what might happen, think of this: You can prepare, but you cannot predict. So do what you can and forget what you cannot.

So often we "assume" to know what someone else is thinking, will do, or what his/her motivations are. Most of the time we are projecting what we think and believe. We get all worked up over something said, let stuff get in our head and eat away at us. Just for a moment, think what it would be like if there were no ulterior motives, no reason behind the action or words other than a flat out observation of what is. Right now in this moment. Reality.

Recently, I made a simple conversation into a, "it's all about me". What I thought was going to happen, what I wanted to happen or not happen, and how dare ___ even think that. Ha! In my head, machinations twisted me around like crazy. I complained to all my best friends about it. They worried and checked in on my mental state. Guess what?--it wasn't about me at all. It never was. Damn! Suckered in to the black hole again.

Step back--Stay in the light. Be totally present. Make no assumptions. Love what is.