Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beep! Beep!

Tooting your own horn.  How comfortable is that for you?  Do you acknowledge your strengths, pat yourself on the back, and offer those strengths for the benefit of others?  I was challenged this week to brag about myself.

Ack!  I could literally feel my hands clawing at my neck in terror!  B.R.A.G.! Are you kidding me???  Didn't your mother tell you to never brag?!  Really, who am I to sing my own praises?  That's for others to do if they so deem me worthy...oh crud.  There it is, isn't it?

I thought I'd given up looking to others to validate me, taken back my own power & learned to stand in my own light.  *slap on the forehead here* OK, here goes - just the facts:

  • 5 years ago both my parents made their transitions as did my my marriage.
  • I was working full time as a third grade teacher,
  • Began a masters degree program for Reading Specialists,
  • Hired my first life coach, then a second,
  • Enrolled in a full coach training program
  • Started coaching clients,
  • Completed my masters degree,
  • Given a position as a Reading Specialist at my school,
  • Passed the Virginia State Reading Exam,
  • Finished my coaching classes,
  • Went to Hawaii to celebrate,
  • Lead a team for Divorce Support online at
  • Continued to take coaching courses from various sources,
  • Started several triads & diads to practice and record coaching sessions,
  • In the process, built my own website and blog,
  • Facebook pages for Stirring the Spirit Within & Stress-Free Teacher Zone,
  • Came out of the closet at work as a Life Coach,
  • Started my Inner Peace Warriors support group at school,
  • Presented my first two workshops at church (Hey, It's Spirit Calling-Can You Hear me Now? & Spirit Vision),
  • Hosted several teleclasses: Tools for Spiritual Coaching, One Minute Meditation, and (co-hosted) a short series on Breaking the Clutter Habit and Creating Your Inner/Outer Sanctuary.
  • All while reclaiming & remodeling many areas of my home.
  • Became certified by the International Association of Coaching!
I have been told by my clients that I am a force of calm & balance, supportive, client focused and validating, ask probing questions to help them see things in a new perspective or come to ah-ha moments..shift from a place of fear to hope...reach beyond what they thought was possible...find and implement answers to their own questions or goals...

Seriously, if you want to read more, you may go read my recommendations at

If you would like help with a loss of yourself, a loved one, relationship, who am I now that ___ has happened to my life? And you are ready to do the work to uncover your beautiful, happy, contented self--or to create the new life that is yours to live, I'd love to support & work with you on this!  Contact me today!

Thanks to a great coach, Flo Mauri, who gave me this challenge, and to all my fellow travelers, friends near & far, who have walked ahead of me & with me, encouraged & challenged me, sending your energy into the cosmos for me to incorporate into my own Golden Ball of Light floating into the flow and Loving what is!

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Taking Stock ~ Then Moving Forward with Intention!

I get daily messages from the  Abraham-Hicks Publications and Notes from the Universe.  I love knowing that the thoughts and energy we take in and radiate out helps to create our life.  As Mike Dooley would say- "Thoughts become things."  More than things they create...

...this swirling Vortex and the power of attraction responding to pure, nonresisted, focused desire. The Vortex is literally drawing in all things necessary for the completion of every request it contains. All cooperative components are being summoned and are coming for the completion of these creations, for the answering of these questions, for the solutions to these problems. - Abraham (adapted)

Have you taken a few moments to take stock of 2010?  The wins or goals you accomplished - what did it take to make that happen? What worked for you?  What supports did you use?  Pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments of this year!  Celebrate the littlest to the largest accomplishments is a very important step toward solidifying your current and future successes.  If you don't do it, how can you expect anyone else to value them?  Take a moment right now to say Yippee and Congratulations. 

My year in review included passing the Virginia State Reading Exam for Specialists and getting that put on my state license, holding not only my first, but second coaching workshops at Unity Fellowship Church, and becoming a International Association of Coaching - Certified Coach!  I trusted the process along with my abilities, got coaching support, and persevered.  Now to celebrate ~ a cruise perhaps?

Kiss any frogs this year? What have you learned about what's best for yourself from life's uncomfortable experiences? How can you turn those lessons into beautiful blossoms for your highest and best life?
What did not happen that you hoped for? Are you able to see the blessings in that yet? If so--more hugs - if not, sleep on that thought and think about it again tomorrow.

What you like to see happen in your life this year.  Why is it important to you?  What will it feel like to be a player in your life when you've accomplished these things?  Close your eyes and play a movie in your mind complete with full surround sound, high def technicolor and emotional mind-body connections. See it.  Feel it. Taste it, Hear it. Touch it.

Here are my three top Intentions and why they are important:

1. I have a new dependable, fuel efficient car that reflects me uniqueness & is affordable for me.

*I am free of the fear of a breakdowns & expensive repairs. I'll feel calm and secure knowing I have dependable, affordable, (sporty-unique) transportation that helps me save energy.

2. I am connected with a partner who is aligned with my unique essence & being. He will be a partner who communicates honestly and values me. There is a balance of give and take in the relationship. We share a soulful connection.

*I am at my best when I am in connection with others and feel valued and understood. I love being in intimate connection emotionally with someone with whom there is a balance in the relationship. Being partnered with this person makes my energy zing & my essence sparkle!

3. My health is in balance - including my BMI (healthy range)- cholesterol, flexibility & strength.

*My health is balanced, I have more energy, flexibility, strength & less aches and pains. I feel confident in my clothes and other aspect of life in front of people. I am happy that my risks of weight related disease are diminished.

Got Inner Peace? What daily practices or supports do you want to try in the up coming months ahead to move forward into these new intentions? ~ journaling, meditation, reading inspirational/spiritual thoughts for the day, or visualizing and focusing on your intentions via a vision board?  Commit to 10 min. a day for 30 days. Who's in?  What are you willing to let go of or embrace to make this life possible? 

You can do it - I can too!  Be open, be vulnerable - take a chance on yourself and your best life.

Share your thoughts by commenting here now.  If I can help you in anyway let me know--really.

Inspiration to write up my intentions popped up upon reading the blog Expanding Your Comfort Zone.  Being connected to so many intelligent and like-minded coaches is one structure of support in my life I appreciate tremendously!