What's in your head? Is something telling you to "do" or "be" more?  Need help redefining the YOU, who used to be very clear on who you were and what you wanted out of life?  Feeling lost?  Ready for some Inner Peace?

Let's Stir the Spirit Within! 
All the wisdom, power and grace are within you to make these discoveries and changes now.

  • Life coaching assumes that the client is whole and capable now.
  • Focuses on the present & future.
  • Is action & being oriented to move you to a higher level of functioning.
  • Creates a vision for the future.
  • Co-creates solutions for over coming blocks.
  • Teaches new skills to make effective choices toward growth.
  • Is the evolution of You!

Jude specializes in working with women who have lost their purpose, power, and clarity (divorce, break-up, death, empty nest, who am I , what do I stand for...). As your coach, Jude creates a safe space where you can grow and flourish. She will help you spark your inner wisdom, stand in your own light, & discover the power of YOU!
E-mail Jude at now to find out how she can help you clarify your vision and take action toward your goals. Experience Jude's coaching first hand to see what your next steps might be. Get ready to transform your life through discovery and growth. Once you've coached with Jude, please take a moment to let her know how your session went by e-mail, write a testimonial, or refer a friend. Click here for a 5 minute survey if you've coached with Jude.

During your initial session, you will discuss what you'd like to be coached on and explore the coaching process. From there, you and Jude will design a plan to help you achieve your goals one step at a time. E-mail support is available between sessions. You are unique and there are a variety of ways to design a coaching package for your needs.
Let Jude help you tap the wisdom within, take action now, & live a life that nurtures your soul. Contact Jude today at to show how you can find and take back your life now.