Monday, June 30, 2014

Self Care and Being Your Best Self

How do you reward yourself or fill your own tank?  Are you willing to?  Often we will do almost anything for a friend, but refuse to take the time or spend money on ourselves ?

This year my teaching job seemed very challenging and draining. Two of my grown kids currently live with me. I work long days and often work at least three hours over my mandated time.  Somehow I can't seem to change that, but I decided I was due for a big trip or reward for surviving this year.  I needed something to hold on to, to pull me forward through the rest of the school year.

It started out as trip with a travel buddy of mine.  We were going to do a cruise with great discounts.  Then I ran across a destination trip with others who eat like I do (plant based-oil free) in Costa Rica AND it would take place JUST after school let out!  My buddy was unavailable for that trip, BUT I knew that this was on my bucket list: to be able to (read: have the confidence to) travel internationally ALONE.  All I had to do was change planes in a large unfamiliar airport (Miami) and muddle through the customs process. The rest was gravy!  The group would pick me up at the airport, transport me to the all inclusive resort that we'd all be staying at.  Hanging out with like minded people on a structured group vacation seemed relatively easy.

So I said why not?!  Time to push myself a bit and grow. What a blast!  I was paired up with a woman from India as a roommate. There was no coincidence!  We had so much in common and lots to talk about. It was almost as if we'd known each other for years.

Our days were filled with river rafting, bird watching, horseback riding, mud baths, hot springs, snorkeling, and zip-lining.  We saw howler monkeys, iguanas and tons of other native flora and fauna.  Our evenings consisted of nutrition talks by Dr. John McDougall and every meal was a rainbow buffet of fresh local fruits, vegetables, and starches.

Have you been neglecting yourself lately? Feeling that you shouldn't reward or spend money on yourself?  What could you do to fill your own tank?  What do you like to do?

  • get a pedicure or massage
  • go wine tasting
  • be in nature
  • travel
How could you make that happen?  If you feel money stands in your way could you:
  • swap with a friend giving each other a pedicure or massage
  • find a local festival with free/lower priced food & drink vs. admission to a winery
  • take a walk in a park or at the beach regularly
  • take a weekend or day trip
You are worth it!  Being your best self requires having the energy to do it.  I challenge you to find one way to fill your own tank.  How will you find the motivation to follow through on your commitment?

I have decided to tweak my eating plan just a bit more, find ways to get regular exercise (even 15 minutes a day), AND, here's the big one - get more sleep! I know I feel better getting at least seven hours of sleep versus five or six. 

I'm going to list how I feel after waking up  when I stayed up way too late having mindlessly frittered away my time on social media then dragging in the morning and not getting up and out to accomplish my plans and being disappointed in myself.  Along side of that I will list how I feel after getting adequate sleep, body-wise, and how it feels to be able to accomplish my goals for the day more easily. 

Let's do this together and take great care of ourselves. I'm worth it and SO are you!  I'd love to read your comments below about what your goals are and how you're doing. 

 Let's get this Self Care bus rolling!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Create Your Own Winter Reality

Are you tired of feeling STUCK because of the snow?

Had enough forced inactivity due to cold weather?

Feeling like Mother Nature got her signals mixed up or is conspiring against you?

Change those thoughts from tired, stuck, or cold to:
Thank You God (Spirit, Source, Universe) for this opportunity to think differently!  

  • I give thanks for the ability to think warm thoughts about my friends, co-workers or family.  Thank you for the opportunity to do something to WARM the hearts of others.

  • I enjoy limitless freedom and energy to think the thoughts to create my own reality and manifest my dreams.  Each activity I do feeds my soul and encourages me to move forward toward more.

  • My mind moves into higher realms and holds the high watch against the propaganda of the human world that tries to weigh me down.  I find ways to be active whether mentally, physically, or spiritually.
In other words, instead of stop and smell the roses, get up and plant some! 

Want help creating Your own reality? Contact Coach Jude Eastman

Photo Above - Creative Commons License