Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rituals for a New Year 2014

How are you planning to close out your year?  The photo above was of one of my happiest times this past year, celebrating a milestone birthday with my family.  Do you have a reflective practice of looking back before looking forward?  While reading many posts today about letting go of things in your past that don't serve you or prevent you from achieving your dreams, I was thinking of what I wanted to do this year.  I have used the burning bowl method:

I've made vision boards & set new intentions:

Today I was struck by one I read on the Ford Institutes' webpage that Debbie Ford (rest her soul) came up with in 2010.

There's a vow or affirmation to state daily recognizing the blessings in your life, seeing your greatness, remembering your perfection, and stating what you want like love, peace, or prosperity.  It reminds you to be that in the world first. Give it away to others. We can trust that what we "put out there" will be given back to us 10 fold.

The rest of the ritual is as follows:

"Make a list of 10 experiences that blessed and nourished you in 2013.
  • To complete 2013, write out why you chose the challenging experiences of the last year. Do this from the highest perspective so that you can find their gifts.

  • Notice if you're carrying any dark, small or limiting thoughts into 2014. Write them all down. Affirm you don't need them anymore. They're not the truth. They're just thoughts. Then rip them up into 100 shredded little pieces and throw them in the trash.

  • Choose one quality (e.g., love, peace, success, respect, etc.) that you most want to express and commit to in 2014. Write out 5 ways that you can give and share this quality with others.

  • Write down 5 goals that you feel inspired to commit to in 2014.

  • Read this vow or use one of your own each morning to reconnect with the power you hold to light up the world."

  • Tweak this and make it your own. Every part may not resonate with you.  If it doesn't, leave it out!  Add something that fits better. Use one part or several.  The point is, do SOMETHING!  In order to get different results in your life, you have to do something differently!  Complacency is your enemy.  Change that pushes and stretches you is your friend. 

    What are some of your blessings from 2013? 
    See the photo of one of mine above.

    What would you love to experience in 2014?  
    I plan to travel to Costa Rica and enjoy many old and new relationships with others this coming year.

    Imagine your energy merging with all the creative energies in the Universe flowing to and through you!  Make it a golden 2014!