Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Joy Factor

Are you a glass half empty or a glass half full kind of person?  The truth is the glass is always full!  (This image appeared on my facebook wall recently)


Ever have those days where all your best laid plans seem to get way-laid at every turn?  Do you find yourself saying, “The Universe is conspiring against me!”?

Many of us are unhappy because we haven’t cultivated our “joy stamina”.  No matter what life is throwing in our direction: death, divorce, failure, loss of status or income - everyone just wants to be happy and you CAN be by learning to make joy a habit.

Do you let minor things annoy you?  Traffic, disrupted schedules, someone not listening to you?  How do you react?  Are you in control of your emotions or do you tend to be overly dramatic about every little thing?  Have you stopped to consider why? 

The reality of it is that if we believe we are created in divinely we can’t say, “Well I’m just naturally a moody person.”  Find the joy and gratitude in each situation.  Make it a habit.  Cultivate your joy.

Life is not what happens to us.  It’s how we choose to experience it.  It IS a choice.  Practice transcending external conditions.  Tell yourself “All things are working together for good.”   Or “I am a joy filled being centered and calm in the face of adversity.”
Life is yours to enjoy.  You CAN make joy a habit!

Back to that glass - It’s half full of water and half full of air.  Are you seeing it as half empty or full of potential - full of life’s learning opportunities to become more of who you are meant to be in this life – Joy in expression?

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