Friday, April 8, 2011

5 Tips to Starting a Spiritual Practice

1. When you first awake - before thinking about your to-do list, breathe in deeply the breath of Life. As you breathe out say "Thanks" to the Universe. You may simply repeat "thank you" several times in a row for all that you have or picture specific family, friends, or things. Be conscious when beginning your day with a breath of thanks.

2. Be present - fully present - to what is in your surroundings. Focus on one thing and look at it as if it was the first time you'd ever seen it. Reject anything you already know about this item, person or experience. Just allow the moment to unfold in fully sensory vision and feel how your body responds. Stand in awe and just breathe it in deeply.

3. Focus on a thing of beauty. Open yourself to the splendor and see beautiful energy radiating out towards you and permeating your being. Imagine it like a battery that you can plug into and continually recharge from. When you feel fully "charged", send some of this energy to someone else who may need it. Know that you are continually being filled even as you give away the energy you share. Give thanks to the Universe for this beauty and the way you are interconnected with all the beautiful energy in it.

4. Recall an activity or person that makes you laugh, really laugh at a gut level. Pick a time and commit to doing this again or seeing this person. Do it within the next week and consider this appointment a priority that is necessary for your good health.

5. Sit in silence for one minute and just observe your thoughts. With your eyes closed try to focus on the upper center of your forehead and try not to attach to these thoughts. Let them float by without judgement or control. Just sit in the quiet breathing in, breathing out. If something tries to grab your attention say " Oh there's that thought (noise, situation...) again". You'll get better at this with each time you do it. You can gradually increase the time a minute or two after a few sessions when you feel you're able to sustain this non-attachment (use a kitchen timer). You are learning to be present in your heart space and re-centering.

These ideas came from reading - Wellness on a Shoestring: Seven Habits for a Healthy Life and can be found at and click on “Shop.” 

 If you are just starting your spiritual journey to the Soul or are ready to deepen your practice and would like help, Life & Soul Coach ~ Jude Eastman IAC-CC can help. Contact her today to find out more at or go to

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Rev. Denise S. Creech said...

Thanks for the tips. Many times we get up and rush into our day. We should take the time, focus, and decide what kind of day we will have.

No matter what happens during the day, you have centered yourself and chosen how it will effect you.

Thanks Jude for the information.