Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Gets in YOUR Way?

 So maybe that's a rhetorical question.  Most of us know that we are the ones that get in our own way.  What do we do about it?  This is about you, your life & achieving your goals!

In order to give yourself the best edge toward success, when you set a goal, make sure it's outcome focused, in line with your values and stated in the positive.  Make it SMART:
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Action-Oriented
  • Realistic
  • Time Sensitive
Focus on the Outcome. 
What is it you REALLY want and what is the PAIN of NOT achieving your goal?

QUESTIONS to ask yourself
  • Is this goal in line with your vision and your values?
  • Is the goal something you really want or think you SHOULD do/have?
  • When thinking about achieving this, do you feel a deep sense of contentment or excitement?
  • How does it fit into your lifestyle (time/effort/commitment/impact on others)?
  • If you could have this goal RIGHT NOW - would you take it?

Wait, you say!  What's this got to do with getting in our own way?  Here we go...

Identify possible OBSTACLES upfront

  • Can you start & maintain the outcome of this goal - are YOU in control?
  • What else might you need to deal with - will it affect other areas/people in your life?
  • What is the secondary gain for maintaining the status quo?
  • What will you have to give up or stop doing & are you willing to pay the price?
  • What else could help you or get in your way - how do you sabotage yourself?
  • WHO will you have to BE to achieve this goal?
Is your Goal the right SIZE?
  • Does it need to be broken into smaller goals or is it too small to motivate action?
  • What is the smallest, super-easy level?
  • What is your target level that you feel is just right?
  • Finally, what would be an outrageous level that would push you out on a limb?
  • Give yourself a goal range so you can't fail to achieve some level of success!
Now gather your RESOURCES and get moving!  There are things, people, contacts, skills, money, etc. that you already have.  Make an inventory and decide what you still NEED.
Remember - Goals are there to inspire you, not beat yourself up with... 

Stop getting in your own way before you've even started. With a little forethought, those bricks will vanish into an open door that pulls you through with gusto.


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