Sunday, April 26, 2009

3 Days and Counting!

After a little over 3 years of life changing events and start to finish graduate work, I am about to reach the place where a diploma is given for learning, growth, and understanding. Not to mention endurance and perseverance! In less than 3 days I will have completed my masters program as a reading specialist and love how it has improved my own teaching in my classroom reading groups. Being able to offer children what they need at their own particular level of reading development has helped them better able to become independent learners. My own personal growth has come in seeing myself as a fully capable learner in my mid 50s, fully participating and adding to discussion with my peers has been both challenging and rewarding, but I now know that I have it in me to pursue whatever it is that I desire to learn and apply in my life. One paper to go--and I'm ready to graduate and celebrate! I have given myself permission to bask in the glow of this accomplishment instead of saying this opens up time to XYZ next. Oh believe me, there will be XYZ coming, but I am learning to pat myself on the back, allow myself space to breathe and say "Look what you've done girl! I'm proud of you!" without the need to think--"this isn't enough" yet. I am enough, right here - right now.

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Anonymous said...

Jude no one deserves her diploma more than you xx