Friday, September 24, 2010

Inner Peace Warriors

In the workplace or in the world, do you carry an unshakable peace within you?  Do you radiate joy and calm to all whom you come in contact with?  Would you like to?  Become an Inner Peace Warrior! (c)

Peace versus Warrior.  Are these at odds with each other or can we find a way to bring them together for our greater good?  Cultivating habits (some might say spiritual in nature) to build up our inner strength is one of the best ways I know of to ward off stress and stay balanced, even joyful, in the midst of what seems like undeniable chaos and pressure. 

Recently, our school system implemented a new testing and intervention program designed to help students get the help they need more quickly.  Great!  The drawback was a steep learning curve, more to do in less time, teachers feeling like everyone was breathing down their necks, and the pressure seemed unbearable. Combine that with personnel changes, new technology systems, no raises...the weights were piling on.  The tension began to rise. Teachers, administrators, assistants, and office personal alike began to feel the heat.

One of my core values is to be of service.  I felt a need to do my part to help lower the stress within my own school.  It wasn't enough anymore to just "be a good example" of grace and balance anymore.  I came out of the coaching closet and let my fellow teachers know there was another part of my life that I'd love to share with them.  Hence, the Inner Peace Warriors has been born.

We'll meet once a week, share successes, lift each other up, and coach each other through these trying times.  We'll also start developing some habits that can help us stay centered when stress threatens to pull us off center: breath work, small moments of meditation, detachment, and gratitude.

Get ready to take back your true nature, stand in your own light, and reclaim the power that has always been yours. The Universe wants nothing more than to provide you with a life you love, so that you can share this feeling with others. We've all dropped a pebble into a pond and watched the ripples spread out across the surface, calm and serene. Be the pebble. Share the love. Change the world - bit by bit.

To  access some of the resources I've accumulated so far, go to my facebook group Stress Free Teacher Zone (type in the search bar) or contact me at 


Anonymous said...

Hi Jude, I wanted to send this blog to my daughter-in-law who is a stressed out teacher so I was looking through the links and the "StressFree Teacher Group Facebook" here doesn't work. Just thought I would let you know. Very nice blog though. LadyDi2049

Jude Eastman M.Ed. and IAC/MCC said...

Hi Di--You need to join the group at facebook I believe. If you have a facebook account, type "Stress Free Teacher Zone" in the search bar and join. Here are a few of the many links I have posted there:

I hope this helps! Jude