Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've made a commitment to coach 100 people in the next two years to increase my experience as a professional coach by joining the Experienced Coach Program. This means I need to coach one new person every week for a minimum of thirty minutes.

Would you be willing to let me give you 30 minutes of free coaching?

My one request is that I will need you to fill out an easy 5-minute feedback form to prove I coached you.

After you receive your free 30 minute session and I get your feedback form, you may be interested in additional coaching. If so, I currently hold evening phone sessions by appointment. (Long distance charges may apply depending on your phone package.)

How it works: After we schedule a day and time for coaching, I'll send you my phone number, you call me, I ask what you'd like to be coached on: changes you want to make, your purpose in life, moving forward through a life transition..., we get curious about this, and co-create a plan of action and accountability, you fill out the feedback form.

How easy is that? Interested?

Let's stir the spirit within--all the wisdom, power, and grace are within you to change your life. (c) Jude Eastman 2008

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