Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Elitism in coaching

Which coaching school did you graduate from? Are you certified? By whom? Man there's a lot of judging going on! I subscribe to a coaching network sponsored by one coaching school. Even though the network is open to everyone, I often see in a post "well they not a XXX graduate. Sometimes I wish this forum was only for those of us who attended XXX coaching school."

Quite frankly, I enjoy reading posts from members who have varied backgrounds/credentials and the like. As a relatively new coach, I love seeing different approaches--sure the lingo may be a bit different here and there, but it's not hard to figure out we're all in the business being curious, to help the client move forward in their lives, and get paid in the process (that's a whole new post).

So business coaching, life purpose coaching, tarot cards, and intuition--Does it matter? Only if you are not being true to your own style. The client will either keep working with you or not.

Training--How much experience--letters behind your name or not--Again, let the client ask those questions, be informed and make a decision. Yes, I'd like to think that being "trained" and "certified" adds a layer of professionalism and credibility to you, but in the long run, clients want what works for them.

Do coaches want to be seen as credible? Most do. But whose governing body should be in charge?

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