Sunday, November 23, 2008

I did it! I really did it!

Crack out the Yipeee Girl! I finished my comprehensive exam for my master's degree as a reading specialist. If I just use this knowledge in the classroom to be a better reading teacher, it was all worth while. The essence of it is, when I decided to start this journey it was only because the school system was paying the tuition, not because I had an overwhelming desire to go back to school, or learn something new, or even to challenge myself.

As the journey progressed, my mother made her transition, I had to opt out of the first class of the program (this is the one I am taking right now). My marriage went by the wayside the end of that year and I stated the program in January, as a completely bereft person. Taking classes with some of the best women I know kept me sane--forced me to think of something beside my own pain.

The rest is history--I discovered coaching--hired a coach or two--enrolled in coaching school and am now truly living a new life. Coaching others is my way of giving back. I want everyone to know, no matter what you think you know about yourself, there is so much more untapped inside. There are dreams and adventures, days of peace and days of bliss.

Today is a day of bliss-I completed something I never dreamed I wanted, but as the coursework went on, I was learning so much about who I am and can do. A celebration is in order!


Rain Fordyce said...

Yahoo Jude! I love to watch you blaze your trail to a life of YES!!!

Barbra said...

love your blog, too, Jude!