Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Overcoming obstacles one at a time

Fall seven times. Stand up eight.

- Japanese Proverb

Your goals may not come easy. There is no accomplishment without work, and no "win" without something to beat. It's easy to get discouraged when roadblocks appear--in fact, it's only natural. You've invested time and emotion into creating the perfect plan, and then something has to come along and muck it all up. Sometimes, though, all you have to do to beat that barrier is to get back up and move forward again. Obstacles are like the Wizard behind the curtain--they're a lot less intimidating once you see them up close. Next time you take a step back, don't let guilt pile it on top of your previous "stumbles." Just take two steps forward and you're still farther along than you were before. It doesn't matter how many walls you face. You only have to get the better of that last one. healthy reflections

For most of my life I was not one to set goals or intentions. I lived life on a daily basis--reacting to the good and bad, the fear and the doubt. Not much of a way to make progress. Not to say I didn't learn lessons along the way--Boy, did I learn some hard ones!

It wasn't until I had nothing to lose, that I had to guts to start living authentically. First I had to clarify my values. Just what did I stand for? I visualized my future life--perfect in every way and looked backwards. How did I get there? What was I doing? How could I work towards that life now? Working with my coach I started taking some baby steps. I used to cringe when he said take action this week. Often I wasn't sure this action was what I needed to get my ideal life, I was paralyzed by what if this isn't the right way to go, I'll have wasted, time, money,...But eventually I learned-- I'd be one step further along the path. I'd know what I didn't want if it didn't work out. I've graduated to if it scares me I want to try it. Because I know that 9 times out of 10 the wizard behind that curtain isn't as scary as I thought. Baby steps--just do it!

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