Sunday, December 28, 2008

The power of having a dream and a vision


One person working toward a dream is worth 99 people just working.

- Lani Kraus, writer

We've all worked with people who just show up to fill space. Uninspired and stuck going through the motions, they pick up a paycheck on Monday and wait for Friday. Some are just killing time until retirement. Maybe you even find yourself in this mindset. Not a very satisfying way to spend your days is it? Sounds like an easy life--except that in life, retirement can be permanent and unexpected. In your life, are you actively heading straight for your goals, or are you puttering around vaguely? Nothing is wrong with hard work; determination and elbow grease are what make the best dreams possible. But it's interesting that most work makes us look downward, while dreams lift our eyes to the sky. While you're keeping that nose to the grindstone, make sure you keep your head up to see where you're going.

The end/beginning of the year is one of many times to reflect on your vision and dreams. Do you see your dreams as just that - Not real or illusive and unattainable? You can have what you want, but do you want it enough to work hard for it? It may not be as hard as you imagine. Think of one way to bring more of what you dream for your life in to it - Right Now. Start making those vacation plans you've always hoped for, and be very specific about what you want and how to achieve it.

Close your eyes now--take a deep breath--play a movie of what it will be like--be very sensory specific: the sights, sounds, smells, and tactile sensations. Write it all down. Can you have some of that in your present situation? Buy some clothes that you will wear on this vacation. Cut pictures out that represent it and make your vision board. Look it it regularly and be there in the moment.

Are you living a life in alignment with your values? What is your vision for the next 3--6 months? How about 5-20 years? I've spent much of my life just living in reaction to whatever happened, but not choosing what I wanted and going for it. Be a Chooser, not a victim. (This thought taken from a current book I'm reading called Conscious Dating by David Steel.) If you haven't pinpointed your values--now is the perfect time to do it. Then make conscious choices to create a vision for your life, short term and long, and start living it. If it seems overwhelming, take baby steps--Start moving forward instead of meandering around in a lateral maze.

Do you feel something's holding you back from past issues? If so, get the appropriate help with this. If you are ready to go forward, but not quite sure how, hire a life coach. After a session or two, you may feel ready to fly on your own or take it to the next level.

Take your dream, create a vision, and map out how to get there. Baby steps are fine or a great big ole jump if you feel urge. See you in my dreams!

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